This fitness program is designed specifically for baseball players

  • Improve foot speed: Improve base stealing and home to first times. Improve range in the outfield. Improve 60 time.
  • Improve agility and balance: Improve infield range and foot work. Get to more balls, get rid of the ball faster and have better foot work around the bases.
  • Improve power: Improve lower body and core explosiveness to create a more powerful swing, a stronger throwing arm, a more powerful pitching delivery and to improve the ability to get a “good jump” on the bases or on defense.

Speed Training

  1. Assisted and resisted speed drills
  2. Lateral and multidirectional speed drills
  3. Linear speed mechanics
  4. Core strength and stability

Agility Training

  1. Acceleration and deceleration drills
  2. Footwork and balance drills
  3. Reaction time drills
  4. Core strength and stability

Power Training

  1. Plyometric training
  2. Strength training
  3. Medicine ball training
  4. Core strength and stability

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